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We are just 1700 m from the Figs Squash Centre of Riccione and the adjacent Tennis Fit Club. In addition, there are also tennis courts close to the hotel on the sea front. We will take care of booking your court and, if necessary, providing you with a coach or hitting partner of your level.

Centro Tennis FIT Riccione - Viale Forlimpopoli, 3 - Riccione - Tel. 0541 643684, 1700 metres from Hotel Michelangelo:
· 5 clay tennis courts, 2 of which covered in the winter/summer with a fixed laminated timber structure, and 3 covered in the winter with pressurised domes.
· 1 concrete tennis court
· 3 padel court

San Padel Riccione  - Lungomare delle Libertà - Riccione - Tel. 335 06963678, 950 metres from Hotel Michelangelo.
· 3 Padel court
- 2 Tennis court

Centro Figs Squash di Riccione - Viale Forlimpopoli, 5 - 47838 - Riccione - Tel. 0541 640161, 1700 metres from Hotel Michelangelo:
· 7 glass/wall courts.

​Riccione Beach Arena - Viale Torino - Tel. 334. 7288435, 2400 metres from Hotel Michelangelo.
Riccione Beach Arena has 10 sand beach tennis / beach volleyball / soccer courts that can be used all-year round thanks to the compressed air dome. The beach arena can therefore also be used between November and March.
Because it is now open all-year round with lots of players in both seasons, Riccione Beach Arena has both winter and summer sports calendars and organises numerous tournaments for men and women, amateurs and professionals, and so on.

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